Weber Spirit vs Genesis – What’s the Difference?

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Weber is a reputable grill brand and very well known for its best-performing, durable, and top quality gas grills. If you are planning to buy a Weber grill then maybe you will get confused about its Weber Spirit vs Genesis series. Both series are among the most-rated gas grills in the market.

But, there is a vast difference between them as well. This article is a detailed comparison of Weber’s Spirit vs Weber Genesis. By the end, you will have a central concept in which series is best for you?

Both series of Weber further introduces several grill models. All gas grills from both series correctly maintain the standard of Weber. You don’t need to get confused because this detailed and complete guide is going to be a final solution for you.

Your next ten minutes of investment in reading this guide ultimately will be going to help in making the best decision.

Weber Spirit vs Genesis: Difference

Both Spirit and Genesis are the series featuring various models of grills from the same very well-known brand Weber. Let’s have an overview of both series in depth.

Weber Spirit Series Overview

weber genesis

Do you know which is the best time to buy a Weber grill? Weber Spirit series includes a variety of grill models. This series is further available in two sub-series – Spirit I and Spirit II. The latter is a sequel of the original series.

When you compare to Weber’s Genesis series, the Spirit series grills are more affordable and compact.

The Spirit grills are very easy to use grills that pack all basic must-have-features of grills. This series is best for those who are just beginning their grilling journey and looking for a cost-effective grill option.

Most of the Weber spirit gas grills come with porcelain-coated cooking grates, folding side tables, at least two to three burners, and mostly open cart design. Gas grills from this series are very durable because mostly they are heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

Both the Weber Genesis and Spirit series are in the market for more than two decades, but the Spirit series is older than the Genesis.

However, there are some disadvantages of Weber spirit series grills as well. These grills have a small cooking surface area and have fewer features as compared to the Genesis. Still, the Spirit series is best as a budget-friendly option for beginners.

Weber Genesis Series Overview

weber spirit

If you are a pro-level grillmaster or need a gas grill to cook for a crowd, then the Weber Genesis series stands as an unbeatable option for you. Gas grills from these series come with a large cooking surface area, at least three to four burners, high-level BTUs heat output, more sturdy long-lasting construction, advanced heat-control features, and premium design.

Some of the Genesis grills also offer large side working space and both LPG and natural gas fuel compatible.

Because of these premium and additional features, these grills are also more expensive than the Spirit series. This series also has two categories – Genesis I and Genesis II. The latter is also a sequel of the original series.

Its high price can also be a limitation for some grilling enthusiasts. Still, Weber Genesis series grills are indeed premium quality gas grills for pro-level grillmasters.

Weber Spirit vs Weber Genesis

Below, we have briefly discussed the main difference between both the Weber Spirit series grills and Weber Genesis series grills. We have compared both series based on several factors, including the number of burners, heat output, total cooking surface area, wheels, cart design, sear station, and price.

We have also included some gas grills models as examples for a better understanding of pf concepts. By the end, you will have an obvious idea of whether you should buy a grill from the Weber Spirit series or Weber Genesis series?

1. Number of Burners

The number of burners varies along with different models of Weber grills. However, the Weber Genesis series models provide you with more burners as compared to the Spirit series models. Having extra burners boost not only your cooking efficiency but also enhance cooking versatility.

Let’s compare the Weber Genesis II E-335 and Weber Spirit II E-310. The Spirit II E-335 comes with only three burners. On the other side, the Genesis II E-310 comes with three main burners plus one sear station burner and one side burner. Even if you compare their other models, you can find the difference in the number of burners.

2. Total Cooking Surface Area

When it comes to finding the grills with a larger cooking area, Weber grills are among the best ones. But, Weber Genesis series grills offer you total cooking surface area as compared to the Weber Spirit series grills. The Weber Spirit II E-310 provides a 529 sq. in. of total cooking surface area where you have 424 sq. in. of primary cooking area and 105 sq. in. of the secondary cooking area as a warming rack.

The Weber Genesis II E-335 grill offers a 669 sq. in. of total cooking surface area where you have 513 sq. in. of primary cooking surface area and 156 sq. in. of the secondary cooking area as a warming rack. If you compare other Weber models like Spirit E -210 and Genesis E-210, the Genesis series grills offer more cooking surface area than Spirit series grills.

Therefore, if you need a more professional grill, then Weber Genesis series grills will be a good option for you. If you grill once in a week for your small family, then the Weber Spirit series grill is best for you.

3. Heat Output

The best way to compare the heat output factor of both Spirit and Genesis series is also considering their cooking surface area. Let’s understand the concept in depth. The Weber II E-310 grill provides 30,000 BTUs of output. This grill has three burners, and each burner has an output of 10,000 BTUs. The total cooking surface area is 529 sq. in.

On the other hand, Weber Genesis II E-335 grill delivers 39,000 BTUs of heat output on its three main burners. Also, don’t forget that it has 12,000 BTUs heat output on the side burner and 9,000 BTUs of heat output on the sear station.

Based on overall heat output, you will find that Genesis II E-335 offers you the best, but the real situation is a little different. This grill has 513 sq. in. of the primary cooking area where you have three burners of 39,000 BTUs heat output. The Spirit II E-310 delivers 30,000 BTUs of output on its 424 sq. in. of primary cooking area. Therefore, Spirit delivers more heat per square inch than Genesis grills. That’s the main point to consider.

4. Wheels and Cart Design

Wheels are the essential factor to consider because they allow users to move the grill whenever required quickly. Weber grills are the best options here because you will find almost all Weber Spirit vs Genesis grills with wheels. The Genesis II E-335 grill comes with wheels on all four legs for easy movability on any terrain.

These all-weather heavy-duty wheels also come with swivel locking casters. The swivel on the caster ensures convenient manoeuvring and their locking design keeps this gas grill in place.

On the other side, the Weber Spirit II E-310 grill also has heavy-duty wheels on the two legs. Its thick legs are sturdy and durable steel construction. These keep the grill in place. However, the Weber Spirit II E-310 grill lacks locking casters.

If we compare both Weber Spirit vs Genesis, some of the spirit series grills come with open cart design and some have closed cart design. The same thing goes with the Genesis series grills. Having an open cart design allows you to get access to the tank and other grilling essentials quickly. A closed cart design also allows you to keep your cooking stuff, and you can keep them out of sight by closing the doors.

The end choice is yours. Both cart designs are acceptable. The Weber Genesis II S-335 has a sleek looking closed cart design where the Weber Spirit II E-310 has an open cart design.

5. Sear Station

Sear station preference entirely depends on your choice. Having a sear station is an additional feature. You will find a sear station in most of the models of the Genesis series. The Weber Genesis II E-335 grill also comes with a 9,000 BTUs output of the sear station.

If you are a pro-level grillmaster, then a sear station is essential for you too. This will allow you to make your grilled food look more fantastic. The intense heat from the sear burner will make the grill marks perfectly visible.

However, the Weber Spirit II E-310 grill does not feature a sear burner. Still, it comes with heavy-duty cast-iron grates that will provide the best-grilled marks on your food. As obvious, the end choice is yours based on your preferences.

6. Price

The price of any grill from Weber Spirit or Weber Genesis depends on which model you are looking to buy. In most cases, the Genesis series grills are much expensive than the Spirit series grills because of the extra features. As we compared both briefly, you can easily understand that Genesis series grills come with added advantages of additional features, more burners, more cooking surface, and high heat output.

Even, the Weber Genesis II E-335 grill will cost you more than the Weber Spirit II E-310. Moreover, the E-210 models of both Spirit and Genesis are much cheaper than E-310 models. The price depends on the total cooking surface area, material construction, number of burners, heat output, cart design, and other added features. You may also like to check out the best longest lasting gas grills.


As per our detailed discussion, it is evident that the Weber Genesis is a more feature-full series than the Weber Spirit series. The Spirit series grills are best for those who are just beginning their grilling journey or need a small compact and easy to use a gas grill for weekend barbeques.

On the other side, the Weber Genesis series grills are fully packed with beneficial, premium construction and advanced features. Thus, making it a perfect option for pro-level grillmasters. Because of its extra features and extra-durable construction, the Genesis series costs more than the Spirit series. What do you think about both? Which series best fits for you? You can comment below. Keep reading for the latest updates and informative guides on grills.

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