Types of Grills : How to Choose the Best Grill For You

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When we look in the market for selecting the best grills, most of the people get confused. Actually, tons of brands are manufacturing hundreds of grills. Therefore, finding the best one becomes complicated. Not all grills will completely fill your requirement and all of them are designed for different cooking purposes.

Therefore, it’s very important to get complete knowledge. We don’t want to waste money on a wrong grill. This article is a detailed guide on the types of grills available in the market. We discussed all types of grills that exist.

How to Choose the Best Grill For You

Different Types of Grills

1. Gas Grills

Grills will be a perfect start for beginners who wish to prepare meals for family get together and backyard party with friends. Gas grills are quite easy to use and functional. That’s why gas grills are the most widely used types of grills throughout the world. Their cooking versatility, efficiency, and user-friendliness make them a tough competitor against other types of grills.

After the grilling session, most people get irritated because of the cleaning process. Getting mess is very obvious while grilling, baking, roasting, etc. But, when you have a gas grill, you don’t need to worry anymore about it.

Gas grills allow grilling enthusiasts to achieve various cooking temperatures and allows easy heat and temperature control. Moreover, you will find lots of durable and long-lasting grills in the gas grills types of category. With new inventions and tastes, there are some variations that come under the gas grills.

  • Natural Gas Grills

Natural gas grills are the widest grills used in homes. Actually, these connect to your house’s natural gas line. Therefore, you don’t need to head over to the market every time before grilling session for the fuel. We can say that natural gas grills will be your next time-saving step.

You can utilize the time in getting things ready earlier and start grilling hamburgers, steaks, chicken breast, etc. Not only they connect to your house’s natural gas line, but some of the freestanding natural gas grills can also be fueled via a natural gas connection.

  • Freestanding Gas Grills

Freestanding gas grills are another variety of gas grills you will find in the market. As per its name, it is freestanding. They are not built-in in any cabinet or attached to any equipment. The great advantage of using freestanding gas grills is mobility.

You can easily move the gas grill in the backyard or take it to your neighbor’s backyard barbeque party to help him. Two fuel sources, natural and propane gas are used by freestanding gas grills.

  • Propane Gas Grills

Another great variety under types of gas grills is the propane gas grills. From its title, it is very clear that it needed propane gas as fuel. You can buy a propane tank from the market. Therefore, you can easily carry the tank anywhere with your grill. Keep in mind that you will need to head to the market from time to time in order to refill the propane.

Another advantage is that propane gas grills are very easy to use. If you are just beginning your grilling journey then you can start with propane gas grill and improve your grilling skills.

  • Built-in Gas Grills

Built-in gas grills are high-end gas grills available in the market. You can understand the Built-in term used in its title, these gas grills are built into a permanent structure that offers you a more efficient outdoor cooking space.

These next-level gas grills can be perfectly fit for your outdoor kitchen. You can achieve a smartly organized space when you have a brilliantly designed built-in gas grill. Natural gas is the fuel used to ignite the built-in gas grills.

  • Flat Top Gas Grills

Flat top gas grills have a griddle surface instead of the grilling grates. Therefore, no drippings will fall below grates and no vaporization phenomenon will happen. It will result in a more juicer meal as compared to gas grills with grilling grates. However, there is an opposite side as well, because of smoke gets back up into your meal and vaporization doesn’t occur with drippings.

This results in a less flavor-rich meal when compared to grilling grates. Propane has typically used a fuel for flat top gas grills. You can select this variety of types of grills if you don’t want the grilling marks on chicken breast, burgers, steaks.

  • Infrared Gas Grills

Infrared gas grills are another popular category in types of grills. Actually, the infrared technology used in these grills ensures even heating throughout the cooking surface area. Apart from that, it also prevents any unnecessary flare-ups to reach the cooking grates. These gas grills work really fast and efficient.

Moreover, if you like searing the food apart from normal grilling then you can go with infrared gas grills. Infrared gas grills are usually powdered by either natural or propane gas.

Pros of Using Gas Grills

1. The fuel used in the gas grills is cost low than any other grills like pellet or charcoal grills. Gas grills use either natural or propane gas for igniting the grill.

2. Gas grills are quite easy to clean. You don’t need to waste your lots of time in the cleaning process after a delicious grilling session.

3. Gas grills offer easy temperature control systems. You can easily heat up or cool down the heat for achieving various cooking temperatures.

4. Gas grills are very easy to use. They give a perfect headstart for beginners.

5. Flat top grills have a griddle surface that gives you more versatile cooking experience.

6. Gas grills allow users to grill, roast, bake several types of meals.

7. These types of grills are available at good prices. You will find from cheap gas grills to highly expensive gas grills.

Cons with Gas Grills

1. Apart from the flat top gas grills, other varieties of gas grills lack in delivering extra smoky flavor to your food.

2. There are some cheap but poorly designed gas grills available in the market that lacks in even heat distribution and durability. While purchasing a gas grill make sure to read the custom reviews. You will get a better idea of how that grill is performing in practical life.

2. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are always the first choice of classic barbeque flavor lovers. The main difference between the charcoal grill and a gas grill is the type of fuel used. As we know that a gas grill needs propane or natural gas in order to start the grill. Same as a charcoal grill requires charcoal in order to have an appropriate cooking temperature.

Therefore, if you a charcoal grill user then you will need to head to the nearest shop in order to purchase charcoal. Once, you have the adequate quantity of charcoal fuel then you have to simply light up the coals then create a bed of heated coals. These heated coals will give your food the required heat to cook properly.

One important thing to keep in mind is that preparing the charcoal grill for cooking is time-consuming. First, you will need to visit the nearest shop to buy charcoals then the process of lightning and managing the fire for a proper temperature needs more effort and time. However, if you love the classic grilling experience and additional rich flavor in your food then you will love this.

Grilling on charcoal grills is perfect on weekends and holidays when you have a great amount of time to spend on grilling chicken breasts, burgers, and veggies. The classic smoky barbeque flavor in your food motivates you to have another barbeque party next weekend. There are two varieties of charcoal grill present on this planet. They are traditional charcoal grills and kettle charcoal grills. Let’s have a detailed discussion on each.

  • Traditional Charcoal Grill

This is one of the best variety of charcoal grills. The traditional charcoal grills are made thick cast-iron material. Therefore, these are one of the most heavy-duty grills from the charcoal grill family. This will be a perfect option for experienced grilling enthusiasts. When perfectly used, you will get the pure barbeque smoky classic flavor in your food.

Talking of its design, the traditional charcoal grill has the traditional barrel style design. You will find this design common among all types of grills available in the market. Moreover, the traditional charcoal grills have adjustable charcoal pans. Therefore, you can easily manage your fire to achieve the best appropriate heating. If you are planning to buy one then make sure to read the customer reviews so that you will know how much they are enjoying grilling in real life.

  • Charcoal Kettle Grills

If you are planning for your next camping trip of tailgating and need to have a grill for pure classic smoky barbeque flavor then this charcoal grill variety will be a great option for you. The charcoal kettle grills are quite smaller in size because of there kettle design and they are lightweight as well.

Due to their smaller size, you also get a small cooking surface area. But, these factors are great when it comes to camping or tailgating, on a boat, road trip, etc.

  • Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are present in the market for more than ten years and they got quite popular and love from grilling enthusiasts. You will find ceramic smokers, kamado cookers, or egg grills terms used in the place of kamado grills. All these words are the different names of the same grilling machine.

The kamado grills are made from thick ceramic material and it is the reason why kamado grills are heavier than charcoal kettle grills. The weight of kamado grills varies from 150 pounds to 500 pounds. The kamado grill takes around 45 minutes to one hour in pre-heating. This makes its thick walls acquire your desired heating temperature. Same as kettle grills, you can regulate the airflow and temperature through the bottom and top.

The lid or dome of the kamado grill is not removed completely because of its weight and thickness. Moreover, the lid is connected to the base of the grill with spring-loaded hinges. Your small adjustment can make an effective change in temperature because of its engineered design and thermal mass. It produces less ash as it utilizes all-natural, hardwood lump charcoal as a heat source.

It is recommended by the grilling enthusiasts that lump wood charcoal must be used when using Kamado style cooker grills. Actually, it retains the natural taste in your food and doesn’t get contaminated with residue of charcoal or metal.

Pros with Charcoal Grills

1. Charcoal grills provide the classic smoky barbeque flavor to your food. Therefore, if you are among those people who love additional flavor richness in for then these will be a great option for you.

2. When you compare the price of charcoal grills with other types of grills then you will find that charcoal grills are cheaper than others. Even, you will find great varieties in models from several brands. Moreover, you can achieve more features by just spending a few bucks.

3. The portable charcoal grills are quite cheap and they cost around $20 to $200. You will find a standard charcoal grill at a price tag of around $1,000 or more. There are some expensive grills with a tag of $2,000+ too available in the market. They provide you the best quality, material, and size.

4. Charcoal grills are great cooking equipment for those who love grilling a lot and can spend hours cooking desired food.

5. You can add wood pellets or chips to get some additional flavor in your food.

6. There are several types of wood chips that are available in the market. You can try each one to get different flavors to your food.

7. The charcoal kettle grills are one of the best portable charcoal grills available in the market. These lightweight grills are perfect for camping enthusiasts and tailgating as well.

Cons with Charcoal Grills

1. Charcoal grills are not good for cooking in cold temperatures or during windy conditions. Actually, it gets very hard to maintain the temperature in inadequate weather conditions. Even, your food will not cook properly or will take hours than usual.

2. Charcoal fuel costs more than propane or natural gas and cleaning the grill after the cooking session is time-consuming and sometimes gets frustrating. You need to spend time cleaning ashes and grill.

3. You cannot just put the fire and start grilling. Charcoal grills take 30 minutes to one hour so that walls get properly heated. Lighting the charcoals and preparing heated coals bed also consumes time. This is not for patience deficient people.

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3. Wood Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are known to give a rich flavor to food. The resultant food of pellet grills is mouth-watering and delicious. These grills are fueled by little flavored wood pellets. Hence, we can say that pellet grills are wood-fired grills. Maple, apple, pecan, mesquite, hickory, and cherry are some of the popular flavors used in wood pellets.

The main reason why most people prefer pellet grills above others is technological advancement. You will find various features in pellet grills. Big brands like Trager, CampChef features great technologically advanced features in their grills. One of them is the iGrill 3 compatibility that allows users to monitor the grill temperature from your smartphone. Apart from that, these grills are also used for slow and low heat cooking.

Pros of Wood Pellet Grills

1. There are several flavors available in wood pellets. You can use, try, and experiment with them for several food tastes.

2. Pellet grills are a good option to add a rich smoky flavor to food.

3. Pellet grills come with a good grease management system and built-in ashtray for hassle-free and quick cleaning.

4. Many big brands manufacturers pellet grill with great technology features. These features allow you to temperature control of your smartphone.

5. Brands also roll out firmware updates to enhance the user-friendliness and functionality.

6. Pellet grills offer the most versatile cooking experience. You can grill, bake, smoke, sear, and roast.

7. The price of pellet grill costs between $60 to $1,000. The price will vary depending on the type, quality, size, features, and brand.

Cons with Wood Pellet Grills

1. If your grill has low hopper capacity then you will need to refill the pellet grills several times for a longer smoking session.

2. The cost of pellet grills may be expensive.

4. Electric Grills

If you are in search of a grill for indoor barbeque then electric grills will be a great option for you. You don’t need any fuel. Simply, plug into a power source and start grilling burgers, steaks, and chicken at home. Another main reason why these grills are good for indoor usage is that their smoke-less operation.

You don’t need to worry about smoke alarms at home and it will not damage the walls of your house. Traditional electric grills draw their grilling power from a 120v or 220v power source or we can say a power outlet. The electric grills are smaller in size.

Pros of Electric Grills

1. Provides the best convenient grilling experience at home. No need to leave your comfort zone.

2. Only need a power outlet. Plug-in the electric grill and enjoying grilling. No ongoing fuel cost.

3. Easy Cleaning.

4. Available at a good price.

Cons of Electric Grills

1. No traditional smoky flavor.

2. Not for large groups of people because of limited cooking surfaces.

5. Ceramic Grills

Ceramic grills are another type of grills that are getting popular day by day. The ceramic grills give the best results in fast and efficient cooking. These types of grills remain optimal temperature but the airflow is more limited than others. Hence, when you prefer cooking meat. The meat comes out juicy.

The ceramic grills are also a good option when you need to maintain a steady temperature for several hours. Therefore, ceramic grills are an unbeatable option when you need to cook lots of food for a large group over a long period of time. You will find several ceramic grills at different prices depending on the size, quality, and brand.

There are mainly three important factors work that will determine a particular ceramic grill is good for you or not. These factors are size, the thickness of the material, and how much you are planning to cook in it.

Pros of Ceramic Grills

1. A good option for cooking lots of food for large groups.

2. The ceramic grill retains optimal temperature.

3. These grills can maintain a steady temperature for several hours.

4. Ceramic grills are available between $400 to $2,000 plus price range.

Cons of Ceramic Grills

1. Because of heavy-weight. They are not easy to move.

2. More expansive than other grills.

6. Portable Grills

A portable grill is the sub-category of the grill. Any type of grill that is compact in size, lightweight and you can easily carry with you fall under the portable grills category. Therefore, many portable grills also include different types of grills mentioned above.

The portable grills allow you to prepare delicious steaks, juicy chicken, and grilled hamburgers while on a camping trip, beach, party, music night, or tailgating. Some portable grills are provided with inbuilt gasoline or charcoal heat sources.

Pros of Portable Grills

1. You can prepare delicious food on the go.

2. Good cooking option while on a camping trip, beach, party, music night, fishing, tailgating, etc.

3. Portable grills are lightweight and their smaller size allows easy fit in any space.

4. Portable grills are available at great affordable prices.

5. You can also use at home for convenient cooking

Cons with Portable Grills

1. Due to the smaller size, they also have a small cooking surface area.

2. Not for larger groups.

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Summing Up

Here, we discussed the type of grills available in the market. We covered gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, wood pellet grills, ceramic grills, and portable grills. We also discussed their sub-types and different varieties of them. I hope the above-detailed discussion helped you in selecting the best grill type for you and your family. You can share your queries and valuable thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on grilling guides.

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