What is the Best Time to Buy a Weber Grill?

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Looking for a new Weber grill? Want to buy one with a discount? Weber has given a great contribution to the innovation of grills. From their very famous classic kettle grills to propane grills, charcoal grills to propane grills, the company has introduced a vast variety of grills to choose from. Their new electric grills are the main attraction for most barbeque lovers.

Today, in this article we will be going to have a detailed discussion on what is the best time to buy a Weber grill? Do Weber grills ever go on sale? We will be also going to discuss some essential tips that you must consider while buying a Weber Grill. So, make sure to give a complete reading to the below guide to not miss any important information and updates.

The Best Time to Buy a Weber Grill

Just before Independence Day

You will find a discount promotion just before the independence day i.e. 4th July. Even, July 4 is the best day for outdoor grilling. It is the time when May and June’s summers are gone and the weather is perfect for outdoor grilling. Make sure to have a barbeque party this day for the perfect time with friends and family.

Three months May, June, and July are the time when you will find Weber prices competitive. The competition between business always benefits customers because they get more discounts and offers. You can check for Weber grills during these weeks for a competitive price.

Just After the New Year

Not only during the weeks of May, June, and July, you will don’t want to miss the great discounts that manufacturers offer just after the New Year holiday. It is the time when holidays have ended and people start going to work. Moreover, the winter season results in declining in sales. As a result of this, most retailers and companies provide awesome discounts. That’s why it will be perfect to buy a Weber grill after the New Year.

Most companies introduce their new grill line-ups at the beginning of the new year. Companies and retailers need to clear the remaining stocks of older grill models. Therefore, make sure to not miss this time for great discounts.

Labor Day Weekend

You will also find great deals and discounts during labor day. If you don’t want to stick with expensive priced Weber grills then you can wait for the labor day. Actually, with the starting of later July, retails and manufacturers offer discounts on products. During the labor day weekend, there are chances that you will see grills at 70% or 60% price down from retailers.

If you can’t wait for the labor day or don’t find seasonal sales fit with your requirements then you also buy grill just after reading this guide. Let’s go through the tips must consider while buying a Weber Grill.

Tips for Buying a Weber Grill

Tips to Consider While Buying a Weber Grill

If you can’t wait for the next discount deal on Weber grill and want to show your grilling skills to your friends and family then you can buy a grill today. However, there are some tips that you must consider while buying a Weber grill.

1. Select the Right Type of the Weber Grill

You must first decide the type of grill you need. Weber-Stephen Products LLC makes charcoal grills, gas grills, propane grills, electric grills, natural gas grills, and tabletop grills. If you like the smoky flavor of charcoal then you can go with the charcoal model like Weber Kettle. Keep in mind that you will need to store solid fuel.

In case, if need a portable grill or something smaller in size then Weber’s electric grill will be a great option for you. Those who have a natural gas hook-up at home can select the natural gas grill models. If you want to choose a grill model with gas and need some portability then propane gas grill models will be a great option for you.

2. Make a List of Features

The next tip to select the best Weber grill for you is to make a list of all features that you want in a grill. Take your time. You can also do some research online to make a better list of features. This way you will also get great views on what features are a company selling in grills. Not all features will be beneficial for you. So, consider those who are really relevant to you.

3. Set a Budget Range

Selecting a budget range is very important. Once your list is finished then set a budget range in which you want to buy a grill. Your budget range must be adequate because Weber grills are quite expensive. Else, you can wait for discount promotions during the periods as discussed above.

Another important thing is to must add delivery cost to the displayed price, if you are buying online. Now, you have a list of all features that you want to be in your grill and you have set a budget range. Now, you can compare different grill models that fall in the selected budget range with reference to the features you require in your grill.

Why Should I Buy Weber Grill Online?

Online buying the Weber grill is the most convenient and smart way. Since, Weber grills are available to buy at all outdoor stores, big-box retailers, brick and mortar stores, and all hardware stores. However, buying online will allow you to read unbiased customer reviews and you don’t need to leave your comfort zone.

Big e-commerce websites like Amazon are the best platform to buy Weber grills online at a good price. You don’t need to waste your time visiting various stores. Instead, you can invest this time in other activities. Hence, buying online is a time saving and energy-saving method.

Apart from that, you will also find various other grills and options while buying Weber grill online. Even, you can compare them online to select the best one. You can also apply filters to select a price range and the features you want. The customer reviews are also available there.

Read them to get an idea about how the selected Weber grill actually works in practical life. You will also get discounts and offers while purchasing Weber grill online instead of an outdoor store. Therefore, you get complete confidence that you are purchasing the right Weber grill.

Do Weber Grills Ever go on Sale?

Weber grills are one of the expensive grills that you will find in the market. According to their price points, Weber grills also offer great durability and reliability that lasts for decades. You must know that Weber puts a price control on their grills. Therefore, there are quite fewer chances to have huge discounts but it is possible to get Weber grills at discount a good price.

During the successful models redesigning, the company plans to clear its older model stock. For example, we can say that the newly redesigned model of Spirit line will replace the older Sprit line. The company will give discounts to the customer in order to clear the older model inventory.

On 1st August 2016, earlier Genesis models went on sale ($100 cheaper). Retailers including Ace Hardware cleared out the 2016 inventory to make room for the 2017 Weber Genesis II grills.

In August 2015, Target has had the Weber Q1200 portable grills on clearance for $99- half. You will see discounts like these by the end of the season as well. Also, make sure to mark the dates like Memorial day and Father day to grab great discounts.

If you are reading this guide in the off-season and strongly wish to buy a Weber grill then we have a great tip for you. If you buy grill today before season then you have a great time to learn and try grilling various dishes. Therefore, you and your grill will be completely ready to give mouth-watering taste and smoky flavor to your barbeque group members.

If you need one just for learning grilling then you can also purchase an old one from garage shop and replace the parts. The Weber grill parts are easily available in the market.


You can check for various dates and weeks as discussed above to get good discounts on Weber grills. Don’t miss the time when the company tends to launch redesign grills in of existing grill line-up. Companies will give great discounts to clear the earlier model inventories.

Make sure to buy Weber grills online instead of wasting your time at outdoor stores. You will get a wide range of selection of Weber grills along with the unbiased customer reviews. We hope the above-discussed tips to consider while purchasing Weber grill helped you. You can comment below your valuable thoughts. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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